Top tips for spark plug repair


The top tips for repairing spark plugs in the previous post, we discussed problems with automotive spark plugs. Now after you know this problem and what causes it, it would be better if you also know how to fix your car spark plug. Maybe, you will be able to save money on automatic repairs. Spark plugs form parts of the car ignition system, so we will also see d-I-y tips to improve vehicle ignition. Follow the car parts repair instructions that will come on the weekend, if you have succeeded in diagnosing spark plug problems.

Tips Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

The first tip is always to repair the car part is through the manual car maker. Read carefully to avoid all kinds of confusion when repairs. Each manufacturer determines the time to replace the car spark plug. If it’s time, don’t delay in changing the automatic section.

It is very important to ensure that other parts of the car are connected or related to the spark plug function in the right condition. If the ignition cable has been burned, they need to be changed too.

To check the cable – see the ignition system at night. It’s easier to see the cable short circuit at that time.

Try checking the spark plug cable by pulling each and each wire manually. First, turn off your machine and let it cool for some time, otherwise you might endanger yourself. After you remove one cable, check for burns, cracks or all types of discoloration. If found O.K. Repair the wire back to its position. Follow the same step to check all cables. Damaged wire must be replaced immediately.

Remember: Don’t pull all the cables at the same time, but pull one by one. If not, you might be confused when fixing it in the right terminal, causing more automatic repair loss.

Change the spark plug – The first step is to clean up the debris that accumulates in this automatic well. Avoid dirt or dust to fall into the combustion chamber. You can also blow air into the well or brush the debris to clean it properly.

Now remove the spark plug wire. The next step is to keep the plug socket on the plug & then release it.

It’s time to take a new plug. Now start threading. The only thing you need to remember is not crossing it.

Now take plug & socket and they try to lower it to the plug well. Then attach the plug with the socket extension.

Once you feel that Utas is suitable, you need to use Ratchet to tighten the plug in its place.

That’s a friend, you have managed to change your car spark plug.

Tools needed during the spark plug change procedure

Half -inch Ratchet Drive

Spark-Plug socket with flexible clutch drive rubber barrier

Socket extension

Needle’s pliers

Other things that might be needed

Small stepladder

Cloth shield

Protective glasses

Narrow paint brush

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