Technology Tips to add one hour extra to your day


Don’t we all hope there are more clocks in our day? Didn’t you find that there was never enough time to finish everything? Have you ever looked back at the end of the day and wondered what you had achieved that day?

If there is a scenario above that is correct for you, you are not alone! However, there are some small technologies that save the time you can use to automate or speed up what you do to save one hour (or more) to your day. Here are some of our favorite:

Use an aggressive spam filter-80% of the email sent every day is spam. You may receive dozens every day disrupt in your basket and easily add up to 5-10 minutes per day in sorting and deleting from the email you want. We recommend external spam screening services, because it has been proven to trap dangerous emails, full viruses that can threaten the entire network, as well as individual users. Plus, eliminating the temptation of spam from your staff email will not only reduce the time wasted, but will also drastically reduce your chances of getting viruses and spyware on your computer or network.

Change a long-time pcs, it is difficult to estimate how much the total time wasted waiting for the old computer and slow to start and process the task … it increases! If your old PC takes 10 seconds longer to process tasks, and ordinary users averaged 100-150 tasks a day … it’s 16-25 minutes time wasted every day. Add crashes and other old PC problems causing and you are closer to 30-35 minutes a day per employee!

Maintain updates, patching up, and optimizing your server and your workstation is the key! You will be surprised how slower even new machines will start running if they are not maintained properly.

Manage your document scan and store paper documents so that it can be searched and located in seconds than minutes or hours is a very large time saver. Plus, this is a greener solution, increasing document safety, allows users to access critical documents from a distance and prevent important papers from loss or damage.

Applying a business collaboration software-how much time is wasted in your office because people are duplicating efforts because they cannot find the information and documents they need? This may be difficult to calculate, but we can conservatively assume that at least 30 minutes a day or more can be wasted due to disorganization. That is why we recommend companies that are growing to apply several types of collaboration software that will help manage projects and information, making everyone on the same page.

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