Technology Tips – How to Start with Social Media


Many of my clients ask about which social media sites will be used. With social networks into all buzzs, it is important to understand why you want to bother with social media. Simply put, it’s because people will do business with the people they like. It’s easy to make connections with clients, prospects and family and friends who can “suggest” you to their vast group of friends. That is what is meant by social media marketing.

Not long ago, I scheduled a morning meeting and lunch in the local trade room and the BNI group. These gatherings are well organized and run professionally, of course, but the commitment and time costs can really have an impact on your productivity.

Think to make sure you have good clothes, leave half an hour or more before your hands to drive to the restaurant where the meeting is held, check -in, find your seat, get your food, listen to the official opening comment, wait for everyone in the room to give “Lift Speech” or testimony about other members, give me a minute of me hot, wrap, network, give a business card, and return to the office. Wow, I did that several times a week and only met with people in my area.

Now with social networks, I can connect with many people easily throughout the country, always put forward my best feet, and “friends” I take care of me in their minds with a little effort on my side … and there are no chicken rubber chicken rubber rubber. And I can leave a monkey setting in the closet.

Here are some basic instructions for choosing which social media sites you use:

First, find out what site your client. You can do this by looking at emails sent by prospects, friends, and clients who invite you to join certain social media. If you are just starting, I recommend starting with one or two and then adding more on the phone. See one of them to start: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Active Rain, or MySpace. If your niche market is on Twitter, don’t spend time you find out myspace.
Determine your goal by having a site before you set your profile. Are you going to use this for business, or for personal use? How often do you update it? What type of post will you make?
Schedule time to update your social media 3-5 times every week. If you don’t use it, it won’t work for you. At first you can post things several times a day, but after the novelty disappears, how you will make sure you continue to use it. Schedule the time to do your social media marketing every week
Be careful -your post reflects the image you want to describe. If a friend from a college insists on posting stories about your youth that you prefer to not remember, monitor it. Also be careful when allowing assistants to post things to your social networking sites. You want to make sure it’s in your voice.
Mix personal and professional posts. One of the main reasons for social networking sites is as popular as them is because people crave connections with people. With the internet put us in front of the computer more and more and farther from personal contact, people crave personal relationships with real people, so be real! Mix personal posts about what you do in your personal life, with what happens to your business. This will make you much more interesting and three dimensions.
Be careful talking about ordinary taboo subjects such as religion and politics. You will be surprised how many business contacts that you connect in many other things have a very strong, strong and different opinion about many problems with divisive. If you really want to use your social networking site to discuss these things, consider preparing a separate account and directing your personal and professional contacts to the right place.
Just do it! I think we all realize that social media “things” are out there to remain and need to be part of our complete marketing campaign.

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