Some tips for female tourists


Every country and culture have their own views about the right behavior for women. Even though you might not agree with these views, it is wise to comply with local laws and habits to avoid problems. You must be used to the laws and habits of the places you want to go to.

Here are some tips for female tourists:

Get used to yourself with the area by studying the map before you get there. Avoid reading maps and guidebooks on the road or in public areas; You will look confused or lost.

If your hotel does not offer information, ask local female employees whether he is walking in the area at night.

In countries that do not welcome large women’s groups, consider having a male guide or allowing male travelers to join the group.

If you have to ask directions, ask women, family, or other women with children.

Consider renting a cellphone when you are abroad, so you can stay in contact with travelers or friends and other families at home.

Stay with friends or groups. Even if you travel Solo, there is security in quantity, so join a traveler or other groups for part of your trip.

Take the cultural sign of the people around you, for example, if other women do not make eye contact or smile at the time at the bar, don’t do that.

No one was riding.

Store with your small light and/or whistle, but avoid illegal items that have the potential like pepper spray. Use common sense and avoid dark streets and empty environments at night.

Stay alert in crowded areas such as markets and public transportation. This is an easy location to take pockets and even sexual violence.

If you are a woman who travels Solo, it’s good to do cultural research before you leave. Whatever your goals, it is important to determine the status of women in the local community, their cultural expectations and how they behave. Changing the way you dress and behave will not only protect you from harassment but also show respect to people in your host country.

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