Safety for female travelers


For business or pleasure, Solo Women’s Travelers must be smart

Women do not let many things hold them back, and the trip is no exception. Business trips to Paris or vacation in Riviera Italia are not delayed due to lack of friendship. If a woman wants or needs to travel, her bag is crowded and she leaves. Even in countries that are considered safe, such as Canada and Britain, a woman who travels alone needs to take certain precautions to ensure her journey is safe.

Complete test is important whether you are traveling solo or in large groups; Be careful of the place where you go and understand the level of crime. Some places are clearly more dangerous than others, but peace of mind is available if you know, and not only assume. A little investigation makes sense.

When flying on a plane, or moving in a public place, no matter how safe, here are some tips for women who travel alone:

• Don’t flash cash; If you have to bring a large amount of cash, store a little on your wall or bag and the rest in other compartments in the trunk of your luggage, so that when you pay food or drinks on the flight, you do not show the entire amount of cash you have

• Do not wear a collection of expensive jewelry or provocative clothing; Dressed in conservative and leave a fur coat at home or wrap it in your check-in trunk

• Even if you are not married, wear a plain gold band that will function as a wedding ring; If you are single and think you might meet Mr. Right in the business class, then save the ring in your pocket or wallet and go back when you need to ward off attention that is not liked

• Packing the lamp; You don’t want to be burdened by heavy suitcases if you need to quickly cellular to get out of the situation where you are uncomfortable

• Take a taxi if possible and ask your Concierge Hotel where it is safe for walking

• You have intuition; Use

When you arrive at your destination and check to your hotel, inform your table there yourself and will appreciate several levels of monitoring. Before the Fairmont organization took over the honorable management of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada, they had special programs and policies that were available for single female guests, which included the specified time to contact the woman’s room every night to ensure that she was safe at night. This policy may still be there; Check you a hotel or ask if they will provide this service.

Do what pilots do, submit “flight plans”. Let someone at home know your right travel plan and when you will check -in with them; It might be wise to tell the front desk of your hotel or officers about this too so that they can supervise your whereabouts.

Women often have extraordinary tastes about lost things, and the best suggestions for Solo Women’s Travelers are never ignoring them. You are not silly or stupid if you don’t feel good in a situation to get out of it. It’s better to be a little excessive than compromised. Part of the new freedom enjoyed by women is independence, and it comes freely when you remain vigilant and safe when traveling alone.

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