How smart women travel


On these days in a long airport path, improvement in security and restrictions on guard, women’s travelers need to be smart to arrive at their destination ready for business. Pre -nine -eleven trips have been filled with delays, full aircraft and customer service that is inefficient and often bleak. Over the past five years the airline’s journey has only become more difficult because of violations of security, shortcomings and threats occur regularly.

Now only packs for the trip whether for fast meetings or four -day conferences is a constant challenge. I am a travel designer and business traveler, and want to share some ideas about how to get rid of stress your travel experience without compromising on your personal and professional styles or needs.

The smart journey starts with a laptop bag or business tote that also functions as a handbag. A laptop bag designer who works with me said to “have a system including clutch and easy access from outside the bag when I was on the body. I can easily open the bag zipper without removing it from my shoulder and getting cash to buy coffee, attend and my ticket. “This removes the frustration of setting your bag and sucking it. “Having one bag that you can use and easily access the needs of freeing women to just feel and see more together,” said the designer.

Another idea is to try and find the smallest travel bag that you can tolerate and challenge yourself to package in it. You can find many lightweight small trip bags in our trunk and travel bags. If you travel for more than three days, consider sending a bag forward via Federal Express or UPS. It only makes life much easier to do that. To avoid the time in the security path, put as many luggage items as possible into the Zip-Lock bag for fast TSA access and supervision. Take the cable and a large electric charger and store it in the zip-lock bag in your suitcase and save space for the needs of the flight to carry on your laptop bag. You can’t use it on the plane. Because taking off the shoe now is a standard operating procedure carrying a thin cotton socks in the pocket next to your bag so you don’t need to walk barefoot through dirty security check points.

A good solution for traveling easily is to choose a computer bag rolling with “pass through pocket” so that it fits above your baggage grip. No need to pull two bags on the wheels. Maintaining all your information on one computer is more important today and computer sales on the table have slowed down and more people use “17” laptops. They are heavy so we recommend using one of our fashionable computer rolling bags.

Relief is the problem. Raking a plane and organized before sitting always stress with anxious travelers in your elbows. Adjust all your direct supplies such as reading ingredients, glasses, medicine, water and food in zipper containers, ziplock pockets and bags. In this way you simply take the bag, store your luggage and slide into your chair in seconds. Because fluids and lotions are currently limited by TSA in 3 ounces, bring home the hotel. If you need a camera, just use your cellphone or disposable. For the scenario “to stand guard if my bag is lost” changes in clothes and clean tops can easily match your laptop bag. Forget your planning all day if you don’t use BlackBerry or PDA. Simply copy pages -important experiences containing the required schedules and contact information.

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