Health Diet – Control and Treat Constipation in Children


Constipation in children can be very frustrated, because once the child is trained by the pispot and old enough to keep him clean , etc. Most mothers do try to watch out to defecate children, but in the busy life that we lead today, many mothers who work can not even remember when they last left, let alone the child.

The only time when parents know the child [unfortunately children do not think that having defecating every day is important, and they often delay playing with their friends] is having intestinal problems It is when children leave their food, especially because children feel too uncomfortable and start to make all kinds of reasons why they don’t want to eat.

Causes of Constipation in Children -Children

High fat and low fiber diet is one of the main causes of constipation, children who come from school attack the refrigerator for the easiest food that they can find [unfortunately, days of living in the mother’s house have long passed]. This food generally includes a lot of milk and other dairy products [left of pizza, cheese, yogurt, etc.]. Although parents make sure there are apples, oranges, and other fruits available, children will generally ignore this for faster snacks.

To fight the habits of this child try some of these changes:

* Get low -fat milk or milk, less constipation from full cream [Limit children if possible a day, not recommended for children under 2]
* Make sure there are fresh oranges available at any time [fortified with calcium because the child’s milk intake will now be limited]
* Find and buy some high fiber snacks
* Increase the amount of fiber and bran in the breakfast cereal you buy
* Try to get various fruit juices [encourage children to better drink it]
* Try pushing drinking more water

The following foods are considered constipation and must be limited:
[Don’t make this easy to be available for children]

* Cheese, yogurt or ice cream
* French fries
* processed food
* Tall fat food
* white rice
* Cooked carrots

Some foods and drinks that will help prevent constipation:
[Encourage children to consume this instead of candy and junk food]

* Fruits that you can consume without removing skin – grapes, apples etc.
* Fruits with high fluid content – watermelon for example
* Prem or figs – fresh or dry
* raisins
* Whole wheat bread, biscuits or scrolls
* raw vegetables
* muffin bran
* corn erupts
* Vegetable soup

Try to encourage your child to tell you when his stomach moves [just not at the dining table] or when his stomach feels uncomfortable. By making children open about his intestines, you will save yourself and children who are stressed a lot. Do not be afraid to use stool softeners, because trying to cure constipation with a diet alone can take several months, and we need to reduce the discomfort of the child as soon as we realize it [so he is uncomfortable or afraid to eat for eating new foods that you are trying to promote].

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