Do you eat the perfect diet?


The question ‘Do I need to consume vitamins?’ Often asked by people who think that they eat healthy food and those who are not sick. Conventional wisdom about this problem is that if we eat what is considered as a healthy diet then we must be able to get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat. In an ideal world I agree that this must happen – unless we have some special nutritional requirements.

However, what is a healthy diet and how can we be sure that we get the nutrients that our body needs? Do you know what to eat? There is a lot of confusion about what is needed in a healthy diet – Every health professional and ‘expert’ has a different opinion – should we eat the Mediterranean diet, a low GI diet, Atkins diet, a cave human diet. Plus is a problem about eating processed and processed foods, wheat and cereal, animal protein and dairy products.

This is my experience that many people say they eat healthy food and have lots of vegetables, but in practice this may not happen. They can only eat two or three vegetables at dinner. They almost certainly don’t have anything for breakfast and generally only a little at lunch and often a little fruit too. I read a story about one patient. The only vegetables that he eats – every meal, is the portion of frozen beans. He was told that he needed to ‘eat more vegetables’. On the next visit, he proudly claimed that he now eats sixteen different vegetables every day. However, it is known that he made vegetable soup from sixteen vegetables. He then freezes the mixture and serves this spoonful of this spoonful for dinner every night!

Unfortunately there are too much consumption of animal protein, fast food, comfort food and restaurant food. This makes a diet that is too rich in fat, sugar, salt, and calories. At the same time we eat fewer fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains. There is also more calories consumption as a whole. Increasing the size of a common food portion is one of the main contributors for overeating and obesity. The trend that we see in all Western countries makes America one of the most overfed and malnutrition “countries (Piscatella and Franklin, 2003).

Piscatella and Franklin gave the following list of what was eaten on weekdays in Unites countries.

13 Pizza Size Roman Coliseum
47 million hot dogs
3 million gallons of ice cream
1.2 million gallons of liquor
6 million pounds
Dr. Kicklas, Director of Diet Study, for Bogalusa’s study recorded the intake of foods of boys aged 17 years during the 24 hour period.
“For breakfast, he ate sandwich eggs-and-bacon fast food and orange juice on the bus to school. Many of his friends left the school campus for lunch at fast food, but he had lunch at school: chicken nuggets, roasted potatoes with butter and cheese, two rolls, canned pears and pure milk. The other choice is a pepperoni pizza or cheese burger with french fries. The house is two fried pork, other potatoes and two slices of bread. “

The fact that he did not eat green vegetables and a little fruit on that day was not surprising. Unfortunately this is more a rule than exceptions. It is estimated that 25% of adults do not consume even one portion of vegetables per day and for those who eat vegetables, french fries contribute 1/4 of all vegetables that are eaten. No wonder so many people suffer from heart disease and diabetes. The boy in the example above does not get the vitamins and minerals the body needs. If he continues to eat the same way, he will, over time, develop problems with his health.

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