11 tips to keep your car smooth


Automatic maintenance is very important for vehicles to operate smoothly and always remain in good condition. Car owners need to pay attention to the maintenance of their vehicles. Lack of attention to their parts hinders the performance and quality of the machine that causes severe maintenance problems. The unavailability of spare parts further adds to this problem.

The latest study noted, five percent of deaths related to motor vehicles were caused by negligence of car maintenance. Automatic maintenance expands car life, ensuring safer movements and contributing to a healthy environment.

Automatic maintenance means keeping the machine in harmony so that the owner saves money and time. Setting the engine at the interval still helps to keep running smoothly, overcoming electricity and other mechanical problems in the engine and economical. If a machine has a problem, it is recommended that the owner takes it to the technician, who will find the right cause and suggest the right solution. Pass the idea of ​​checking it by the service provider for approved.

Automatic maintenance tips:

Car owners need to take care of their vehicles from the date of their purchase and have little knowledge about the engine. Often, service providers bring vehicle owners to ride them and the owner must issue large amounts to fix small engine problems.

Setting the engine, as part of automatic maintenance, including replacing ignition cables, spark plugs, PCV (positive card ventilation valve), air filters and fuel. In addition, automatic maintenance calls to test the ignition system, service injector and fuel system and rearrange engine time.

Consider the following tips so that the engine remains adjusted and the vehicle is performing well:

1. For automatic maintenance by yourself, it is ideal for car owners to refer to the user’s manual to fix certain small problems in the engine. As a thumb rule, change the oil filter regularly, each 3,000-4,000 miles.

2. Checking tire inflation is part of automatic maintenance. Tires, which are less revealed, result in loss of fuel efficiency. This is a form of cheap preventive safety and maintenance. Check the tires every month.

3. Check all liquids that include power steering, brakes, antifreeze and windshield washing machine solvents and transactions/transmissions, because this liquid ensures good vehicle safety and performance and is an important measure of automatic maintenance.

4. Because the fuel injector is limited/polluted spark plugs reduce fuel efficiency by up to 30%, car owners must be careful when adjusting the engine.

5. Clean the pole and battery cable when needed and check the same thing for corrosion. In addition, check the battery liquid and fill if low except for batteries that are free of maintenance.

6. For automatic maintenance, check the engine belt always because an old belt tends to affect the engine performance. See if this belt has experienced cracks and try to fix the problem.

7. Frequent lubricating chassis, because it extending the life of the engine components.

8. Check the lighting system including turn, taillight, brakes and headlights.

9. The car owner needs to check the windshield washing machine blades for tears and cracked and replace it once every year.

10. As a step towards automatic maintenance, always check the air filtering system in the engine. The owner needs to do this in every oil replacement to confirm if there is damage or blockage. This ensures a better vehicle function.

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